The ski season around Ushuaia generally lasts from late June to late September. An earlier storm will, however, start the season because short days and low temperatures prevent melting until spring. Destruction of the accumulated snowpack is instead performed by the high-velocity, ground-hugging winds that often roar down the valleys of the region. Storms normally approach from the southwest and will drop 10-15cm of very light, dry snow over their 2-3 day duration.

Cerro Castor, Overview
Description:The world's most southerly 'proper' ski area is opened in Argentina's famously southern tip Tierra del Fuego, next month following a $10 million (US) investment by a variety of bodies.
Cota 480m
Tomando sol, pique para agrandar
Although there are, or have been, three ski lifts operating independntly at several separate Antarctic bases, they cannot compare with the three brand new quad chairs the worlds most southerly, and one drag lift soon to open at Cerro Castor, 27km (17 miles) from the regional capital of Ushuaia City (South America and the world's most southerly city). Following twelve years of study of snow conditions, the site has been passed for reliable natural snow cover between June and October each year, and the lifts have been built between 195 and 975 metres, giving a healthy vertical of 780 metres. Together the four lifts, which have been built in Andorra running over towers constructed by Poma in France, provide an uplift of 5000 skiers per hour and serve 400 hectares of terrain that has been graded 20% beginner, 65% intermediate and 15% advanced. All other construction work and materials have been produced and supplied locally. Although there are two other ski areas in the district, neither are comparable for size. Indeed the two areas, Club Andino and Martial (together) have a combined area of 3 hectares served by a few small surface drag lifts, whilst expansion plans in the pipeline for Cerro Castor, envisage 1200 hectares of lift served terrain.
E-mail: castor@infovia.com.ar. See the Cerro Castor page.

Plano actual de las pistas 2007/08
Ski area:Cerro Castor
Resorts served:Cerro Castor, Tierra del Fuego, Ushuaia
Base altitude:195m
Top altitude:975m
Season:June to October
Slopes and lifts
Total no. of lifts:4
Uphill capacity:5000

Wolfgang Wallner, Overview
Description:One of two small skiing areas close to Ushuaia, recently supplemented by the large new commercial venture by the world's most southerly city. Popular with local skiers and the lowest ski are in South America.
Information: Club Andino Ushuaia: Juana Fadul 50, Tel/Fax: (54 2901) 422335; Ushuaia (9410), Argentina.
Resorts served:Wolfgang Wallner
Base altitude:90m
Season:May to September
Slopes and lifts
Total no. of lifts:3

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