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A la Fundación Cardiológica ArgentinaThe Fundacion Cardiologica Argentina promotes the joint work of the governmental and nongovernmental institutions, of professionals of the health and its associations, and of diffusion organisms to contribute to the secondary prevention of such an aim as the cardiovascular disease and stroke, which is the main cause of mortality running our times. The Foundation makes a big contribution regarding this aim. The local Chapter, which was founded on the october 12th in 1984, represents an executive extension of work in the community of Ushuaia.
Live Cam: Ushuaia today
Ushuaia Today, Still Cam updated twice a day
Its address is 446 Kuanip Street, (V9410BQJ) Ushuaia, its telephone number is (54 2901) 42-1816 or 42-2690 and its Fax number is 42-3207 or 42-2698.
You can also take contact with Ushuaia Chapter by e-Mail.

Get informed about The Actions our Chapter makes, indications regarding how to Live Better or to know on PCR.
Know about the events that take place in Ushuaia (Medical Days), Golf, Fishing, and the pages that it conects us to The World.
Visit The Museum of The End of the World, which is one of the Tierra del Fuego´s most well-known treasures, its is situated in Ushuaia; the amazing beauties of our province and The Hanis Association that support the working actions and the development of The Museum.
Visit The Hospital and The Fuegian Medical Center.
Get information about the data and The Statistics about our province, The Antarctica, The Climate, El Niño, and many other topics of general and particular interest that will be discovering as it journeys by our site.
We recommend you to be located in our Intranet Map or to search for a specific topic in there.
These pages are in constant update, we will be pleased if you let us know about what changes can be introduced to improve them, mail us.

Ushuaia, the Southernmost City in the World and gateway to Antarctica

Fundacion Cardiologica Argentina, Ushuaia Chapter

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