We have all you need to enjoy great diving along the Beagle Channel coasts and islands: comfortable fast boat, complete gear and the best service aboard.

For a typical dive trip, boat usually departs from the pier (AFASyN *) at around 9 AM, goes to Les Eclaireurs lighthouse (sightseeing) and then to Isla de los Lobos for the first dive. The place is covered with dense kelp forest, making it a great location for photographers. Bring your wide angle lens!
Snorkelers will love to float over the forest, observing the shafts of light illuminating it like a green cathedral.

We can either do the second dive here in this place, or go to Islas Bridges.
At Puerto Karelo, a well protected natural harbor in this archipelago, we moor the boat to the little pier and land for a lunch. After making the second dive in the kelp forest close to shore, we embark again for a visit to Isla de los Pájaros (Birds island, cormorants colony) for birdwatching,
Boat returns to port at around 2 PM, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the several attractions that both the city and the landscape have to offer.

Ushuaia Divers has a twin engined 28 feet diving boat, completely equiped, both for safety and comfort. With a cabin at the bow, a toilet, a kithchen, and a 2.50 x 2.15 m (8 x 7 feet) room with a shower at the stern, the boat has enough space for two crew and 5-6 guests.
During the trip aboard, you will enjoy coffee, tea and biscuits.

For shore diving, we have a 4x4 truck that allows us to reach those difficult places usually inaccesible for other kind of vehicles.

You will need a drysuit to dive in these waters. We have complete diving suits to accomodate different sizes (S,M, L and XL). As they are 5mm neoprene drysuits, you don't need heavy underwear to get warm underwater (a polar fleece sweatshirt and pants, plus two pair of socks is OK).
We use US Divers regulators and octopus, Seaquest BCs (S,M, L and XL) and complete consoles with depth meter, manometer and compass.

Of course you can bring your own equipment. Just tell us what you need.

For those divers who seldom do drysuit diving, we usually make a shallow shore diving, both to refresh the necessary skills, and to adjust buoyancy and weight needs.

For any other information, as well as for our fares and special prices for groups in low season, please contact us.

(*) AFASyN: Asociación Fueguina de Actividades Subacuáticas y Náuticas (Tierra del Fuego Association of Underwater and Nautical Activities).